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Internship Program

The ClimateSense Professional Internship Program is designed to build adaptation capacity in recent post-secondary students, as well as host organizations within the public and private sectors.

A number of Island organizations were selected to host a recent post-secondary graduate for a six (6) to twelve (12) month internship for 2021. During this time, our interns worked with mentors within the host organization to complete a sector-specific adaptation project, and also took part in ClimateSense Training and Development Programs. 

We are pleased to present our 2021 Internship Projects.

PEI Watershed Alliance


Climate Sense Intern Juliana Granzoti partnered with PEI Watershed Alliance to address knowledge and communication gaps around climate change and adaptation to different groups, developed 

standard operations procedures on habitat resiliency techniques, and other adaptations techniques to be shared with watershed groups, and developed

 materials and resources for watershed groups to use.

We are pleased to present Juliana's final project. 

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