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The ClimateSense Training & Professional Development Program is designed to provide a series of short climate-related training opportunities for local adaptation practitioners. Courses will allow practitioners to develop valuable skills in an interactive learning environment. Training opportunities will be available for both beginner and advanced practitioners. 

Anticipated practitioners include engineers, architects, land-use planners, healthcare providers, emergency management officials, conservationists/naturalists, watershed groups, builders, property developers, and academia. 

Please note: ClimateSense Reduced Pricing is available to Prince Edward Island residents only.

Self-Directed (Online)

Free of cost

Approximately 5 hours

Interested participants will include non-governmental organization leaders, civil servants, planners, developers, real estate professionals, home inspectors, insurance representatives, home construction, renovation and restoration professionals and retail store employees.

This introductory level course will help participants to have informed discussions with PEI tenants and property owners about how to identify their flooding and erosion risks and how to access user-friendly assessment tools, how-to videos, websites and fact sheets to help them take action to protect their homes. Roughly half of the course content and resources are nationally applicable, making the course valuable to practitioners across the country. The balance of the content features PEI-focused case studies and local resources that are available to help islanders help themselves. Graduates receive a certificate of completion and a comprehensive list of resource links to share.

Topics include:

  • Working Together to Build a Climate Resilient Future

  • Responsibilities for Managing Risks

  • Introduction to Flood Insurance

  • Flooding and Erosion Impact on Homes

  • Assessing Risks

  • Lot-Level Actions to Reduce the Most Common Home Flood Risks

  • Managing Home Flood Risks in High Risk Zones

  • Managing Erosion Risks to Homes

  • Helping Residents to Protect their Homes

Introduction to Geographic Information System Mapping (GIS)

Dates, Times, & Fees Available Soon

This two-day workshop will provide participants with the fundamental knowledge and technical skills to integrate spatial concepts, techniques, and technologies to enhance existing work. The workshop will be delivered in a classroom setting consisting of lecture material, discussion, and hands-on software exercises. Climate change related data sets will form the basis for the hands on learning components.

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