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Internship Program

The ClimateSense Professional Internship Program is designed to build adaptation capacity in recent post-secondary students, as well as host organizations within the public and private sectors.

A number of Island organizations were selected to host a recent post-secondary graduate for a six (6) to twelve (12) month internship for 2021. During this time, our interns worked with mentors within the host organization to complete a sector-specific adaptation project, and also took part in ClimateSense Training and Development Programs. 

We are pleased to present our 2021 Internship Projects.

Department of Agriculture & Land


Climate Sense Intern Julia Richardson partnered with Dr. Suqi Liu from the PEI Department of Agriculture and Land to conduct a pest study on PEI fields to determine the response of insect pests to changing climatic conditions. In addition to collected data, the project aims to create a user-friendly app that will allow farmers to predict the intensity of insect pests during a growing season based on climate data.


Climate Sense Intern Brittany Cole partnered with the PEI Department of Agriculture and Land to assess new agricultural market opportunities that producers may diversify into, in response to changing climate conditions in PEI. This involved a review of past and projected climate trends for PEI and identifying new crop varieties that will be suitable to these variables (temperature, growing degree days, frost-free days, precipitation, etc.).


Brittany Cole - PEI Department of Agriculture.jpg
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